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Primavera Schedule Updates

Primavera Schedule Updates

Proper construction scheduling does not stop with the baseline schedule. A poorly maintained schedule can easily undo even the best-laid plan. Ill-advised and unexplained logic changes begin creeping into the schedule. Pretty soon the schedule no longer resembles the baseline schedule at all. And while the blame is often placed on change orders and other events not anticipated in the baseline schedule, the problem becomes how to distinguish owner-driven logic changes from contractor-driven logic changes. No project gets built exactly as-planned, but without strict discipline the project updates may obfuscate impacts caused by other parties.

Very few construction projects have full-time schedulers – and this makes sense, because only very large projects have the need for continuous scheduling oversight. The disadvantage of this approach is that scheduling falls into the hands of one or more individuals who have other primary responsibilities. This is to say, these individuals were not hired specifically for their scheduling prowess. As a result, no one pays too much attention to how the schedule is being updated as long as something is being produced each month.

Construction Science can update your baseline construction schedule in the proper fashion and monitor progress each month, letting your personnel concentrate on other tasks. The project receives the benefit of a full-time scheduler’s experience at a substantially lower cost. As change orders are issued and other unexpected events occur, we will quickly advise you on whether more time should be requested. No more waiting until the project is over to sort things out.

Because we are experts in proper construction scheduling techniques, potential bottlenecks and delays will always be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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