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Release 8.4 for Primavera P6 Now Available

Oracle recently issued upgrades to Primavera P6 Professional and P6 EPPM, Release 8.4 (R8.4). If you have purchased annual support from Oracle, you may be eligible for this upgrade; contact Oracle with your CSI number to obtain additional information. Anyone with an active support agreement can download this upgrade for free.

Upgrade Highlights (P6 Professional)

  • Visualizer Enhancements
  • Copy Bar Settings
  • Include Legend in Header or Footer
  • Manage Multiple Layouts Simultaneously
  • Display Shifts on a Gantt Chart or TLD
  • Manage Baselines as Job Services
  • Integration with Primavera Unifier
  • Integration with Primavera Prime
  • Import XML as a Job Service
  • Simplified Standalone Installation with SQLite Database

Upgrade Highlights (P6 EPPM)

  • Visualizer Enhancements
  • Update Baselines
  • Add New Column in Highlighted Position
  • Submit Timesheets via Team Member
  • Additional Search Criteria for Assigning Resources
  • View Project Users
  • Integration with Primavera Unifier
  • Integration with Primavera Prime

Should You Upgrade?

Is the upgrade worth installing? Perhaps more importantly, is it worth buying if you don’t have support? It depends. If you are currently using anything older than Release 8.0 we believe the enhancements are quite significant. And for P6 Professional users, the new standalone installation is much easier. Many users have struggled in the past to get the Oracle XE database properly installed and configured. But if you have already managed to install Oracle XE it is hard to justify switching to SQLite.

Anyone looking to purchase a new license of Primavera P6 should buy Release 8.4 as there is no price difference. Click here to see our pricing for Primavera P6 Professional and Primavera P6 EPPM. And please note that while some companies advertise lower prices, these prices do not include Oracle’s mandatory support agreement for the first year. Our prices include the perpetual license plus Oracle Support. This support agreement also provides free upgrades to new software releases. After the first year users can choose not to continue the support agreement.

Just to avoid any confusion, when someone buys Primavera P6 they own the software forever regardless of whether Oracle Support is maintained. This is why we refer to the license as being “perpetual”. Oracle Support is an annual agreement that must be renewed in order to receive software upgrades and technical support but does not affect ownership of Primavera P6.

Primavera P6 Professional R8.4 is much easier to install with the SQLite database. This means that Oracle Support is not as critical – especially for users with prior experience using Primavera P6. For this reason, we feel confident that users can purchase Primavera P6 Professional without Oracle Support, saving nearly $500 a year. Click here to see the lowest possible price for Primavera P6.

We will be posting a video on our Primavera P6 training website in the near future demonstrating some of the benefits of Release 8.4 for P6 Professional.



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